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"Darius has become the business partner we didn't realise we needed."

Steven Simpson, Rio & Brazil and MrandMrsStitch.com

Seems that customer engagement and shopper experience are on everyone’s lips.

Back in the day, shopper experience was about retailers wanting to know who their shoppers were, what they wanted to buy and, well, if they wanted it sent home, someone jumped on a push-bike or into a van and delivered it to them!

In many ways, while everything has changed, everything has also stayed the same.

Digital technology may have changed forever the way we live our lives, including the way we shop. But for bricks and mortar retailers the same burning questions still prevail…



How can I increase footfall to MY store that converts to sales?

How can I get more shoppers to come to MY store?

How can I maximize their spend when they get there?

How can I get them to come back… and keep coming back?

And how can I attract new shoppers?

These are practical business challenges that need equally practical answers.

And the answer?

Where many retail technology companies focus on ‘closed loop’ vertical products that don’t always join the dots properly across the entire shopper journey, Velocity has taken the road less traveled and built a platform around actually asking shoppers what they would like, informing you the retailer what that is, and then helping you give the shopper exactly what they asked for. It’s that stunningly simple!

That way, you get to understand so much more about your shoppers and the way they like to shop. And the better you get to know them, the better experience you can give them; an experience that’s truly personalized to them, an experience that will help you retain them and grow them as loyal and valued shoppers and, finally, an experience that will turn them into advocates for your stores.

We call this continuous shopper engagement that works – we know it works, because our Case Studies prove it does!

Velocity’s wealth of experience in shopper engagement and retail marketing, alongside our full cycle shopper engagement platform, Darius, will help it work for your business.

Please have a look around our website and please get in touch if you would like to hear more about how your business can enjoy the rewards of continuous shopper engagement that works. We’ll only be too happy to jump on a bike… or in a car or indeed a plane to show you how you can take advantage of the wonderful opportunity that technology offers to make sure your physical store environment works in a digital world…

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