Shoppers now have the highest expectations when it comes to receiving personalized offers and content, where they want them, whenever they want them and on what device.

The volume of research that proves how shoppers like to use mobile while in-store, and on how in-store solutions such as proximity technology can help drive the number of items purchased is just too overwhelming to be ignored.


Customers expect to be able to find and buy the things they want quickly and easily.

And they expect better access to information about offers, promotions and coupons.

Mobile devices allow this path to purchase to begin long before the shopper sets foot in the store.

It can begin in the office at lunchtime, or at home in front of the TV news, and then continue on the way home from work, or at the weekend.

The thing is, the journey never really ends - the shopper will always need or want to shop.

So, how do you make sure that your store is always part of their shopper journey?

How do you win the battle to attract shoppers into your store and not the

How do you get them to come back… and keep coming back?

The answer lies in getting to know them – really getting to know them and enabling them to talk to you – then giving them a shopper experience that’s personalized to them, pre-store, in-store, and post-store.

This is where Velocity Worldwide comes in.

To help you maximise the benefits of continuous shopper engagement, we work with you to develop a customised strategy and return on investment model designed to meet your specific business needs.

At the heart of all this, our shopper engagement platform, Darius, will help you find, engage, measure and profile shoppers over any channel; mobile, web, social, email, print, above the line, in-store, or your existing database.