Strategic Partnerships

Velocity Worldwide is built around developing strategic partnerships with sector-leading organisations so as to provide them with the competitive edge that enhances their market proposition. Our focus is on working closely and collaboratively with these organisations to help them sustain and grow their sector dominance.

We do this through the deployment of our engagement platform, Darius, which uncovers the business intelligence and insights to help us build engagement strategies from the customer up, not the Executive Board down.


Hussmann + Velocity Worldwide

The Hussmann® Corporation is immensely proud of its traditional industrial heritage. They are just as proud of their unrelenting 'never finish changing' vision and the need to continuously position and reposition the business in lie with ever-evolving customer needs. It was this ethos that brought Velocity Worldwide and Hussmann together in a join venture, Darius Technologies. A real coming together of hardware and software that truly reinvents the physical bricks and mortar retail experience.