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Shopping Centre, England County Mall ‘Shrunk the Shoppers’

The Background & Challenge

County Mall Shopping Centre needed to find new creative ways to deliver year-on-years sales, footfall growth, and increased circulation around the mall after the closure of BHS - one of their anchor tenants.

The Solution

County Mall ‘Shrunk the Shoppers’ campaign was launched in August 2018 to attract more families to the mall during the school holiday period and to get them spending and visiting more stores while they were there. The campaign was inspired by the ‘90s film, 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' which appealed to the parents while the execution which made shoppers entering the mall feel miniature, immersing them in the story of our interactive smartphone app, appealed to all members of the family unit.

The campaign offered multiple opportunities for shoppers to engage with the tenant brands…

A large dramatic garden installation featured on the lower mall, which displayed giant colourful and comical props including huge blades of grass, a ginormous Rubik’s Cube, an overturned giant ice cream and others. This area was used to engage shoppers with the campaign as they entered the shopping centre and provided multiple photo opportunities, which enabled visitors to become promoters of both the shopping centre and the campaign through social-media sharing.
An augmented reality (AR) smartphone app powered by Darius® for Retail enabled shoppers to take part in an interactive treasure trail in the centre, giving families and other shoppers the chance to win a Merlin Entertainments annual pass when they successfully scanned all clues within the mall. Bespoke offers and rewards were unlocked via the app along the trail to encourage spend in participating stores. The trail was also designed to increase dwell-time and encourage customer flow to stores surrounding the now empty BHS unit in the centre.
Themed Kids’ Club events were held over the month, which encouraged opt-in to the shopping centres kids club and helped promote the augmented reality app.

The Results

• +4.3% year-on-year sales growth across all retail categories during the campaign period.
• Monthly food and beverage sales increased by 9.7% year-on-year.
• Outperformed national footfall benchmarks by 5.5% year-on-year for the campaign period.
• Car park usage increased by 4% year-on-year.
• Increased Kids’ Club database by 4.5 % (almost 1,000 new families added to the existing large Kids’ Club).
• 83% of the centre's retailers engaged.
• +10% (vs. average) more family shoppers throughout August.
• Increased secondary catchment penetration by 5%.
• Revo Purple Apples Merit award-winning campaign (these awards recognise and reward effective shopping and town centre marketing within the UK retail property sector).

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