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Convenience Retailer, USA Double Quick & Darius® for Retail

The Background

Double Quick (Convenience / Quick Service Retailer) wanted to offer a truly personalized, one-to-one customer experience. To do this, they recognized the need to replace assumptions about customer behavior with objective data. However, when the client audited their dozens of customer touchpoints, they found many disparate sources of customer data. All these data sources needed to be brought together to create a common customer ID. Centralizing their own (first party) data was the first priority, and unifying third-party data from a number of data management platforms followed.


Double Quick - Unified Customer Engagement

The Solution

To achieve this, Double Quick’s customer Wi-Fi, Pinnacle's point of sale (POS), Loyalty Rewards and Affiniti Cloud® mobile app were integrated with Velocity Worldwide’s data, personalization and insights platform, Darius® for Retail.

This integration with Darius® enabled Double Quick to collect and profile shopper data to create relevant, personalized marketing and customer engagement strategies that could be activated across all devices and channels giving Double Quick a decisive advantage over their competitors. The integrated Pinnacle-Darius® solution provided timely and relevant content for Double Quick's customers, including personalized offers and promotions when they're in-store, and when they're not.

Integration of the client’s discovery technology/proximity marketing technology (specifically, Wi-Fi and beacon technology) with Darius® provided a seamless in-store experience, and the ability to create personal customer profiles ensures the right content is pushed to the right shoppers: a highly desired departure from mass discounting to relevant communications!

What’s more, Darius® built a 360° view of Double Quick’s shoppers and provided them with actionable insights from a central marketing and customer data platform.

The ResultsQuickpass for Double Quick

Connecting all this data and making it actionable through Darius® delighted Double Quick with an unprecedented wealth of customer information and insight that they utilized to drive deeper customer engagement.

This has helped Double Quick to refine their marketing and promotions in real-time, and make operational, inventory and merchandising decision-making easier.

Leveraging data like this from a single source, made possible by integrating Darius® as a Customer Data Platform, creates revenue opportunities for convenience retailers by identifying consumer habits, demographics and personalization opportunities… and the ability to activate them!

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