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Darius® for Retail assists Family Shopper to win coveted UK Tech Innovation 2018 award

The Awards

The annual Scottish Grocer Magazine Awards represent the best of Scotland’s convenience retail sector, and the standard of nominees in 2018 were no exception.

Selected from a backdrop of a rapidly changing industry where mergers and acquisitions are prevalent, increasing competition from discounters, sugar tax and minimum alcohol pricing, are just some of the challenges facing independent retailers throughout the UK at present.


The Results

On the night of the awards, the ability to adapt and diversify to changing consumer trends was clearly demonstrated by the retailers nominated.

The highest of standards in customer service, food-to-go, niche services and product sales were rightly recognised.

When it came to the ‘Technology & Digital Engagement’ category, Velocity Worldwide’s client, Family Shopper Blantyre took first place, beating entries from a popular symbols, such as Best-One and Nisa.

Judges recognised how the store was using Velocity’s data, personalisation and insight technology, Darius for Retail to create a central database of its in-store and online shoppers using data from POS, a contactless payment app, social media channels and its own loyalty brand ‘Privilege’, developed in collaboration with Velocity.

The judging also acknowledged the strategic approach the store’s owner, Mo Razzaq had taken to maximising technology to the benefit of his business, his staff, and his customers.

As well as Darius joining the dots between the installation of Order Vago online ordering, integrating with the store’s digital advertising screens and in-store radio; secure cash-handling and an automated protection system were a further demonstration of how the business is embracing technology.

The business’s ‘Privilege’ loyalty programme is redefining ‘loyalty’ and how it is rewarded for its shoppers.

Moving away from the ‘old’ pennies-for-pounds redemption model, ‘Privilege’ represents a much more personalised relationship with the shopper by enabling the communication of segmented offers and messages to individual shoppers based upon spend or survey feedback, exclusive ‘New Product Development’ opportunities, and competitions.

Weekly loyalty sales have increased by 800 per cent compared to loyalty sales prior to launch of Privilege in just six months – the results speak for themselves!

“Winning this award is very special for us - not least because of the work we’ve been doing with our tech partners, which has demanded a lot of teamwork and effort across different suppliers and is now clearly beginning to pay off. But it’s not just the award – this is about real-world financial rewards coming through in our sales results,” commented Razzaq, “We are very impressed with the innovation delivered by the Velocity team in the development of our ‘Privilege’ programme and how this has helped create the sort of service and experience shoppers expect. We are very proud to accept the award on behalf of all those who helped us.”

Responding, Velocity’s VP of Market Development, Andy Batt praised the Family Shopper team for its forward thinking,

“Working with Mo and his team has been a rewarding experience and as a business we’ve learned a great deal about the challenges retailers face on a daily basis. We’re delighted about how well Darius is performing as an answer to some of those challenges and are looking forward to building on the foundations of what has been achieved to date.”

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