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Shopping Centre, Ireland Jervis Shopping Centre – Celebrating Turning 21

The Background & Challenge

Located in the heart of Dublin city, Jervis Shopping Centre is one of the city’s most iconic and busiest retail destinations. So, when the centre was celebrating turning 21 they needed a marketing campaign that would clearly mark their position as a scheme that was currently at the forefront of the retail evolution.

The challenge was to use every planned activation over the ‘Birthday Month’ to capture quality shopper data that would help drive sales for tenants long after the buzz of the birthday celebrations died out.

The Solution

We designed a six- week integrated marketing campaign that put the Jervis shopper at the heart of the promotion, put the shopping centre at the heart of the local community, while also maximising the hook of the big birthday celebration to pull in new shoppers through a programme of on-site activations and events.

The campaign was multi-faceted and included; a signature competition for 21 shoppers to win €21,000 worth of prizes – all of which were showcased in a high impact display in the middle of the shopping centre; a local community engagement programme that engaged schools, clubs and charities; daily on-site ‘moments of magic’; a national PR campaign, and an on-site event programme designed to entertain and delight while also driving spend.

Velocity’s data, personalisation and insights platform, Darius® for Retail was used to connect with new and existing shoppers during all stages of the campaign, and the success of the campaign was driven by the ability of Darius® to be able to match the relevant marketing messages and shopper rewards to suit the audience profile of the recipient and the stage of the promotion.

All opportunities to collect data were maximised including:

• Entry to the various competitions via online and SMS channels;
• Linking all social media and PR activity to data capture, which also enabled the centre to measure the success of each channel been used;
• All community driven engagements, including the search for the best community performers to take part in the event programme;
• Integrating with the centre’s Wi-Fi to deliver proximity-based promotions and rewards to shoppers onsite;
• Shopper promotions to unlock offers and opportunities to win.

The campaign culminated in a three-day on-site event programme underpinned by a programme of discounts and promotions from 90% of the tenants. Using Darius®, we were able to target shoppers with the offers that would be of most interest to them in advance of the event dates, ensuring that we got higher redemptions and sales for all participating tenants.

The Results

• 48,000 new datasets added to the shopper database – a big boost to the shopper database, which was followed up with a programme of promotions to encourage shoppers back to the centre after the campaign ended.
• Tenants reporting sales uplift over the campaign period between 14% -24% year-on-year.
• +400 artists applied for a slot on the community stage.
• PR coverage valued at €1,182,443.30 achieved.
• Social media reach across the centre’s channels and via fashion media and social influencers: +2,000,000 impressions.

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