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Shopping Centre, England Parkway, Newbury ‘Following Father’s Footsteps’

The Background & Challenge

Parkway launched ‘Following Father’s Footsteps’ at the beginning of June 2017 to drive immediate sales for the centre’s tenants across the Father’s Day promotional period – specifically, the campaign had a focus on driving sales for footwear tenants following the opening of two new stores in this category during the preceding year.

The challenge for the centre was to change the behaviour of the 38% of footfall parking at the centre but not shopping, converting them into spenders. This high percentage of non-shoppers can be explained by the centre’s car park being one of the main car parks for the town of Newbury. .

The Solution

The ‘Following Father’s Footsteps’ campaign included a highly visual activation on-site to stop passive footfall in their tracks – this included the installation of large footprint vinyls directing shoppers into the participating footwear tenants’ stores where any shopper qualifying with a minimum spend were given a ‘Treat Card’ which gave them access to one gift from another store at Parkway which they could activate once registered on our data, personalisation and insights platform, Darius® for Retail.

The design of the promotional mechanic was key to the campaign success: the incentive initially drove footfall and spend into one category of retailers, i.e. shoe tenants and used that transactional exchange to encourage secondary spend in other retailers in the scheme, i.e. the retail locations where the treats had to be redeemed. A complementary competition also ran across all Parkway’s digital platforms allowing Dad to win himself a new pair of shoes, and by capturing their favourite shoe store at Parkway at the entry point on Darius®, allowed us to segment their preferences for future marketing initiatives.

It was a simple concept that drove big results.

The Results

• Monthly year-on-year sales increases for the shoe tenants recorded between 10-55%
• Monthly year-on-year sales increases of 24.3% for the three stores where treats were redeemed.
• 51% of the 898 reward cards handed out were redeemed.
• Male shoppers segment of the centre’s shopper database grew by 15% over the campaign period.
• Revo Purple Apples Merit award-winning campaign (these awards recognise and reward effective shopping and town centre marketing within the UK retail property sector).

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