Shopping Centre, England Party Pass Promotion at Parkway

The Background

The Darius™ managed services team at Parkway have successfully created a new key trading period for this retail scheme through the development of a summer discount event, which has run successfully since 2013.

The Challenge

The challenge in 2015 was to continue to grow this now annual sales event as a key sales period for all participating retailers in a market where competing destinations were starting to run ‘copy-cat’ events.

The Solution

Velocity Worldwide’s shopper engagement platform, Darius™ was used to deliver personalised promotional content and bespoke offers to members of the centres’ Shopper Club, which could be redeemed in-store on the Summer Party event day. Personalising the content ensured that the target audiences received valuable editorial content, such as style guides focusing on trends and brands that they were interested in, along with complementary retailer offers. This strategy ensured that shoppers did not miss out on any offers that they would like to redeem because they were lost amongst a lot of irrelevant offers and content.

The Results

  • Almost 6,000 offers were redeemed on the day of the Party Pass event.
  • Retailers reported trading increases of between 10 and 40 per cent against the same event in the previous year.
  • Some stores reported that 80 per cent of their sales on the day were driven by the offers.

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