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Convenience store, Scotland Woodlands Local

Woodlands harnessed the full capability of Darius Insights to help build a shopper engagement strategy in line with who their customers are and what they want!


The Challenge

Woodlands Local is a convenience store based in Scotland, UK.

As store owner and retail publisher, our client recognised that the convenience retailing sector was a long way behind when it came to exploiting data and insight.

The challenge was how to understand and keep up with customers’ needs and wants in the modern age, yet retain the personality and friendliness that characterises the convenience store’s traditional role within the community.

The Solution

Velocity Worldwide was appointed to develop a strategy that would deliver true shopper engagement, and which over time would result in a higher basket spend and/or frequency of visit from shoppers.

Following a 'discovery' phase, Darius™ was integrated into the store's POS system (Retail Solutions) This allowed store management to measure the interest of current shoppers around a particular loyalty benefit, which were based on regular exclusive offers, moments of magic, rewards and giveaways, rather than on collecting points.

Ongoing Partnership

Using the insights from this first phase, the business is currently preparing – using Darius™ – to raise the bar on its shopper engagement through segmented content, stock management and in-store messages via WiFi proximity.

The Result

Insights delivered by Darius™ into shopper demographics, visit frequency, individual spend and preferences, which media they respond to, and what content they share with others mean that Woodlands Local are now building a shopper engagement strategy in line with who their customers are and what they want!

And the learnings came quickly: just ten weeks after the initiative was launched, Woodlands Local were able to see that their “known” shopper average spend is currently 48% higher than their average shopper spend of 2015.

For the store’s management, this underlined the importance of acquiring and retaining the loyal shopper, where basket spend and visit frequency can be influenced over time.


"Darius™ provided a lot more than we needed… and some stuff I had never even dreamt of."

Anthony Begley - Owner, Woodlands Local

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