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Darius® Checkout Getting actionable data at the point of sale

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Do you need a way to gather and activate shopper data at the point of sale?


Electronic offer redemption


Keep track of offers redeemed


Improved clientèling


Gather customer data


Use existing data


Convert data into sales


Customer segmentation and profiling


Personalization and relevance


Data Visualization


Review and evaluate the results


Informs future activity


Helps with decision making across the business

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What it does

Darius® closes the loop on an in-store visit by matching purchases and redeemed offers to an individual customer.

Integrating Darius® with your POS system means not only can you see which offers your customers are redeeming, you can begin to understand the halo effect different offers or coupons generate. This means that you are able to give your customer more of what they want, when they want it!

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Of course, one of the biggest benefits of integration like this is how you can turn your POS data into relevant and personalized marketing.

We partner with lots of POS companies to integrate Darius® into the checkout solutions they offer their retailer clients.

Meeting your exact needs

Darius® is made up of a number of components – all designed to help grow retail business. Depending on your needs, objectives and strategy, you can select just one component or go for the full end-to-end product.

Ready to get more out of your POS?

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