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Darius® Engage Engaging your customers when they're not in-store

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Do you need a way to engage your customers when they aren’t in your store?


Gather customer data


Use existing data


Convert data into sales


Customer segmentation and profiling


Personalization and relevance


Data Visualization


Review and evaluate the results


Informs future activity


Helps with decision making across the business

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What it does

For retailers with any sort of customer data – whether simple email addresses or cell-phone numbers, to proximity (location) or purchase data generated through in-store WiFi, beacon technology, digital signage or point of sale, Darius® allows you to put it to the best possible use by turning it into personalized and relevant retail marketing and customer experiences across all devices, across all channels, off-line and online. Channels like email, SMS, social media, in-store, and surveys… and many, many more. 

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If you have little or no customer data, Darius® will help you get some. Or more!

You can use Darius® to collect and segment data from your advertising, social media, email marketing, in-store events, in-store Wi-Fi, even data you’ve collected online. And for your peace of mind, we are ISO 27001 accredited and Darius® is GDPR compliant.

If you are a retail technology provider, integrating with Darius® gives you the opportunity to add value to what you offer your clients by turning the data and analytics your technology is generating into actionable, personalized marketing and engagement strategies and campaigns that help them get more customers, spending more, more often. More and more retail tech businesses are partnering with us to do just that!

Meeting your exact needs

Darius® is made up of a number of components – all designed to help grow retail business. Depending on your needs, objectives and strategy, you can select just one component or go for the full end-to-end product.

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