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Darius® Proximity Engaging your customers in-store

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Do you need a way to discover and engage your customers in-store?


Recognize and welcome your customers


Deliver relevant, personalized messages in-store


Instore navigation and signposting


Gather customer data


Use existing data


Convert data into sales


Customer segmentation and profiling


Personalization and relevance


Data Visualization


Review and evaluate the results


Informs future activity


Helps with decision making across the business

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What it does

Many brick-and-mortar retailers have invested in some type of proximity or location-based technology, such as Wi-Fi, iBeacons, NFC, digital signage or Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Darius® integrates with this technology - and more - to recognise your customers and deliver relevant, personalized marketing messages, offers, coupons and rewards to them straight to their phone when they are in-store.  

Not only does this make your retail technology investment work harder to grow your business and deliver greater return on investment, it gives you valuable insights and analytics into your in-store customer journey – helping with in-store operational and logistical problem-solving.

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More and more retail technology businesses are recognizing how Darius® gives them the opportunity to turn the data and analytics their technology generates into actionable target marketing strategies and campaigns that help grow their clients’ business and are partnering with us to do just that!

If you don’t already have proximity or location-based technology in place, our work with a number of tech providers means we can help you get going.

Meeting your exact needs

Darius® is made up of a number of components – all designed to help grow retail business. Depending on your needs, objectives and strategy, you can select just one component or go for the full end-to-end product.

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