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Darius® for Retail Shopping Centres & Malls

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Darius® connects shopping centres, retail parks, malls and outlets, their retail tenants and their shoppers.



Get ready for increased footfall, stronger and better and more profitable relationships with your retail tenants and shoppers.


Your Shoppers

Whether it’s competition from online retail or from a neighboring centre, your shoppers have lots of choice. Darius® helps you create and deliver personalized and relevant shopper marketing messages, offers and rewards that help you compete.


Your Retailers

Your tenants will notice the benefits where it matters most: in their cash registers. And so will you!

Darius® integrates with existing retail tech

Darius® has been designed to integrate and interact with retail technology. For shopping centres, malls and retail outlets, this means you can derive real value from any in-store data you are already gathering. And for retail technology providers, it’s the opportunity to add value to what you do by turning the data and insights your solutions generate into actionable strategies and campaigns that help your clients grow their business.

Time to grow business for you and your tenants?

Find out how we help you and your retailers get more customers, spending more, more often.

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