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Darius® for Retail Sports & Music Stadiums

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Darius® connects sports and music stadiums and arenas, their brands and merchandise, their food and drink concessions, and their fans to deliver relevant, personalized fan experiences that grow business.



Real-time, integrated and interactive fan engagement before, during and after the match or gig levels the playing field between the stadium experience and the at-home experience. This drives game attendance, helps retain season ticket sales, and supports and drives brand sponsorship.


The fans

Fans aren’t always just interested with the action on the pitch or on-stage – very often, what’s happening elsewhere in-venue matters just as much to them. Personalization and real-time features made possible through Darius gives them the experience they want.


The Brands

Whether club or concert merchandise, big beer brand, or fast-food concession, Darius builds relationships between in-venue retail and fans through personalized, relevant messaging. This grows spend per visit across concessions and merchandise stores.

Darius integrates with existing retail tech

Darius has been designed to integrate and interact with all sorts of in-venue technology. For sports and music venues, this means you can derive real value from any in-store data you are already gathering. And for fan engagement technology providers, it’s the opportunity to add value to what you do by turning the data and insights your solutions generate into actionable strategies and campaigns that help your clients grow their business.

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