Darius for Retail Convenience Stores

Darius for Retail connects convenience stores, their brands and their shoppers.



Darius makes cross-selling and upselling easy. You can convert food shoppers into fuel purchasers and vice versa, attract new customers and design offers that appeal to new audiences and younger shopper groups.


Your Shoppers

Darius makes it possible for convenience store and fuel retailers to deliver personalized, relevant shopping messages, experiences and rewards that make your shoppers feel special. And when you make them feel special… well, you can guess the rest!


Your Brands

Darius helps convenience store and fuel retailers build and strengthen relationships with the brands you stock. You both benefit. You both gather valuable data and customer insights. You both grow your business.

To see how this is all comes together to grow business for c-store and fuel retailers, please check out our short video and get in touch.



Darius Discovery Detailed audit of your existing approach to shopper engagement

Before we do anything, we work with you to develop a shopper marketing strategy and build a customized return on investment model for your business.

This is the part where our extensive retail marketing experience and international expertise comes into play.

Learn about Darius Discovery

Darius Engage Shopper engagement and segmentation through information capture and customized communication across multiple channels

This begins with engaging and, if required, profiling shoppers through your existing database if you have one (it doesn’t matter if you don’t!) and customizing communication across multiple channels, such as email, social media, print, in-store, and much more.

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Darius Proximity Shopper detection and tracking during a shopping visit

This is where Darius integrates with existing proximity technology, such as iBeacon, WiFi and other software to recognize and track your shoppers in-store.

This enables you to provide them with real-time offers when they’re in shopping mode.

Learn about Darius Proximity

Darius React Real-time reaction based on shopper-related events, such as proximity or purchase

This is the brain behind it all, the ‘smarts’ that triggers when a message or offer is sent to a shopper based on certain pre-agreed ‘rules’. This might include sending the shopper a notification to their smartphone when they arrive at a particular aisle or store, or emailing them with details of a special promotion.

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Darius Checkout Closing the loop on an in-store visit by matching purchases and redeemed offers to an individual shopper

By integrating Darius™ with your POS, not only can you see which offers they’re redeeming, but you can also begin to understand the halo effect different offers or coupons generate. This means that you are able to give them more of what they want!

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Darius Profiler Visually review and aggregate shopper behavioral and basket data to identify insights for future communications

This is where Darius™ takes all the information provided through all the other Darius™ products (Engage, Proximity, Checkout and React) and aggregates it into individual profiles for each shopper who engages and allows them to be grouped together for ongoing targeted engagement.

Learn about Darius Profiler

Darius Insights Intuitive and easy-to-understand measurement and analytics for continuous assessment

One of the great things about Darius™ is there’s no need for a resident data scientist. The intuitive and easy-to-understand measurement and analytics within Darius™ allows retailers to react in real-time and to drive new pre-store and in-store engagement and actions. Darius™ makes shopper insights easy and, most important, actionable.

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"Darius provided a lot more than we needed, and some stuff I’d never even dreamt of"

Anthony Begley Woodlands Local Convenience store and publisher of Scottish Local Retailer Magazine

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