Darius Discovery Getting to know you and what you need to grow your business

Customer personalization and insight strategies and solutions that grow retail sales


Assessing your business needs

Understanding your objectives, the challenges, the opportunities


A customized strategy to meet your needs

Designing a personalized engagement strategy that meets your business needs and delivers on your objectives.


Defining what success looks like

Measurement, metrics and marketing analytics that demonstrate return on investment.

"We are currently in the 6th week of our ‘Discovery’ programme where we have currently engaged with over 30 per cent of our unique shoppers, and 25 per cent of our engagements have been lost shoppers from new local competition. To this effect, we have slowed the rate of lost sales by an average of 15 per cent in the last five weeks and we forecast the rate of decline will close further over the remaining period of discovery as we introduce other mission options to our customers."

Brian McCaughey Londis Inverary, UK


How it works You can’t offer a solution until you know what the problem is!

That’s why we take time to get ‘beneath the hood’ of your business, your plans, your needs, your challenges. We explore where the opportunities lie to achieve what you want to achieve. The sorts of things we look at are whether or not you already have a customer database or if we need to help you develop one. Whether or not you have existing retail technology in place and if you do, what is it and how can we help you turn the data and insights it generates into business growth. And where no existing tech is in place, what can we do to help you gather the data and insights you need for effective customer engagement and personalized marketing.

Then we develop a customized strategy to deliver against your objectives and define the metrics to measure it.


Something else you should know…

Very often we uncover opportunities to protect and grow your business… even when they might not be immediately obvious to you! That’s where our experience and objective point of view comes in.

Case Studies Who we've done it for

When it comes to physical retail, there are very few challenges we haven’t seen or helped solve. Here are just a few of them.

Darius your way

Darius is made up of a number of components – each all about growing your business. Depending on your needs, objectives and strategy, you can select just one, some, or all. You can go for for the full end-to-end solution, pick and mix to match specific needs, or size up the opportunity to scale up. Whatever you go with, you can be sure that you have made a great decision for your business.

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