31 August 2018 The importance of shopper data for the Convenience sector…

As autumn arrives, store operations turn their focus to Christmas and a New Year. Indeed, March 2019 will be a significant economic and social milestone for the UK; however, reflecting upon 2018, change brought by consolidations and legislation showed the resilience and innovation of the convenience sector, indicating that they are preparing on all fronts as the future unfolds.

Technical development and data-led marketing have been two consistent themes for the ACS throughout 2018. Understanding and responding to shoppers’ needs has historically been served by some loyalty functionality provided by an EPOS supplier. Now there is an array of apps that promise to deliver repeat business and take on the heavy-lifting of shopper engagement.

Both central marketing and independent retailers alike face the challenge of communicating with ‘the segment of one’ – delivering the personalised communications demanded by consumers – resulting in the innovations we are witnessing throughout the UK.

As the sector progresses from distress, express, fuel and alcohol buying motivations into food to go, food to stay, and niche services, retailers have more opportunities to ‘get close to’ and understand their shoppers via Wi-Fi, proximity and other channels – even when shoppers avoid or fail to activate the app option.

Therefore, retailers that consider their brand app alongside those other touchpoints that have a proven record in collecting opted-in shopper data have a more robust foundation on which to build their shopper marketing. A much more attractive proposition for all stakeholders.

Connecting these touch-points and establishing a data-core can be much easier that it seems: Velocity Worldwide’s personalisation and insights platform, Darius® for Retail provides a central platform that connects fragmented channels and can provide symbols with unparalleled shopper insights from across their portfolio.

With costs starting at less that the average EPOS licence, Darius® enables retailers to take control of their shopper data with full GDPR compliance and gives them the ability to make more from their community event support and social media campaigns.

Shopper data is highly valuable – now is the time for independent retailers to make the most of it.

Andy Batt, VP Market Development (GB), Velocity Worldwide

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