Street Fight Local Visionary Awards | Best Solution ...


26 February 2018 And the winner is…

"Velocity Worldwide has won an international award at the Street Fight Local Visionary Awards in Los Angeles for its personalisation and insight technology platform, Darius For Retail.

An independent panel of judges named Darius the ‘Best Solution for Managing Local Data', recognising the platform's power to enable retailers to gather, profile and manage customer data.

A stand-alone solution in itself, the technology also interacts with existing in-store solutions, such as wifi, beacon technology, point-of-sale and digital signage, to produce customer data insights that counteract the challenges of today's retail landscape.

Darius not only helps brick-and-mortar retailers gather data – the real value comes from profiling the data to allow retailers to create personalised, relevant marketing strategies that can be activated across all devices and channels, both off-line and online, when the shopper is in-store or when they're not."

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